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"Whether in Pittsburgh or around the world, global business leaders are increasingly interested in learning about the Pittsburgh region's efforts to innovate a sustainable economy.  Sustainable Pittsburgh is a 'go to' organization when showcasing to the world that our region is emerging as a leader in accelerating sustainability."

Roger Cranville   

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing   

Pittsburgh Regional Alliance   



"Sustainable Pittsburgh's ongoing partnership with SPC was instrumental in the Project Region outreach process that was the foundation for developing our Region's Plan.  By working together, we were able to bring more people from more sectors to the table than ever before to create a vision for the future of Southwestern Pennsylvania with practical methods to make sustainable development a reality."

Jim Hassinger, Executive Director   

Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission   



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  "Sustainable Pittsburgh is a key partner in helping communities develop practical solutions to accelerate redevelopment and apply sustainability as a strategy for prosperity.  Thanks to Sustainable Pittsburgh for helping us to strengthen and further our economic revitalization activities."

Taris A. Vrcek, Exeuctive Director   

McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation   


"Sustainable Pittsburgh is the conscience of the region as we develop more and more of our land - arguably one of our most precious assets."

Bracken Burns
Washington County Commissioner

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"The Sustainability Assessment conducted of The Mall at Robinson by Sustainable Pittsburgh has put us on a path to being a more energy, resource, and community responsible steward while adding to the bottom-line.  The process helped us build management team capacity to see and act on opportunities for continuous improvement and some of the recommendations implemented have been taken to other Forest City projects around the country."

Beth Edwards, General Manager   

The Mall at Robinson   


"Sustainable Pittsburgh continues to be a key component in representing the region’s economic efforts and the development of Pittsburgh’s land assets.  By supporting regional reform and cohesively bringing together the state, region, counties and municipalities, Sustainable Pittsburgh reinforces the importance of smart planning and development."  

John Kosar, AIA   
Chairman Emeritus   
Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates   



"From my grassroots, rural community perspective, Sustainable Pittsburgh has provided us with timely information and direction that we otherwise never may have had access to. They have opened doors to leadership-building through conferences, technical assistance, and networking opportunities. We appreciate having Sustainable Pittsburgh as a "go to" for our nonprofit organization, the Borough, as well as for our region!"

Linda Gwinn   
Blairsville Improvement Group   



"Sustainable Pittsburgh is helping the region overcome the justified criticism that its economic development efforts have been splintered."

Mike Langer   
New Kensington Councilman   


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