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The 2014-2015 Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge is ON!
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In this friendly, 12 month competition, employers in southwestern PA track performance, save money, and gain positive recognition for their achievements! Attn: businesses, nonprofits, local government, universities and K-12 schools--you can still sign up to be an "observer!"
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A collaborative group of over 30 community planners, innovators, nonprofits, community leaders, cyclists, city officials, educators, investors, neighborhood developers, business leaders, and civic partnerships, exploring Bus Rapid Transit for Pittsburgh.

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12th annual SW
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Business and Local Government in SWPA "

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Listen to the Walls Street Journal Radio "Green and Alternative Energy Series" - Sustainable Pittsburgh sponsored these short, 60 second radio spots, which explored energy issues including investments, light bulbs, and solar. Listen now.

Greening Southwest PA - A video blog concerning SWPA's municipalities and what they are doing to become more sustainable. Read more.

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In The News


Several media outlets covered the results and impact of the 2013-2014 Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge. Links to articles are below. Congratulations once again to the top performers: FedEx Ground, DMI Companies, Pashek Associates, University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, ALCOSAN, and Conservation Consultants, Inc.! To learn more about the GWC, please visit

7/9 PGH City Paper: Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge
7/8 PG: University of Pittsburgh steps up energy efficiency programs
7/8 PG: DMI Companies decides to walk the walk
7/8 PG: Changing Behaviors
7/8 PG: From natural light to pen recycling
7/8 PG: Getting the LED in
7/8 PG: The lab on the sixth floor
7/8 PG:East End architecture firm strives for carbon-neutral status
7/7 90.5 WESA: Green Workplace Challenge Winners Announced
6/27 KQV Live Line Interview "PGH Green Workplace Challenge"

Additional media coverage:
6/27 PGH City Paper Green Light: Less Gross, More Green: Measuring progress by more than just money
6/7 PG: Expand the Rooney Rule to businesses, too
5/19 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Valley News Dispatch: Sustainable Pittsburgh uses survey to help municipalities evaluate policies
5/14 Trib: Dormont Cash Mob to spotlight sustainable shops
5/13 Next Pittsburgh: Cash Mob comes to Dormont this Saturday
4/22 PG PowerSource Voice: Drilling Under Public Parks - Focusing the sustainability lens brings clarity
4/22 KDKA Radio 1020 AM Afternoon News: SP Earth Day Activities
2/5 Pop City: Idea Foundry launches new accelerator to promote water innovation in Pittsburgh
January TEQ Magazine: "Get There Faster"


- 12/14 Pgh Business Times "Green Workplace Challenge benefits go beyond energy savings"
- 12/10 PG "Smart Growth conference in Pittsburgh focuses on transportation, green infrastructure and urban redevelopment financing"
- 11/8 PG “Allegheny County updates rules on air toxics”
- 11/7 PG “Allegheny County Board of Health votes to update air toxics guidelines”
- 10/23 PG “Ross nursing home wins environmental, biking honors”
- 10/19 PG “Green Workplace Challenge: Bayer, Eaton and Evolve come out on top”
- 10/19 Trib “Challenge winners saved energy, cut emissions, recycled”
- 10/18 Pgh Business Times “Bayer, Eaton, evolve win Green Workplace Challenge”
-6/22 Business Times "Figuring out the 'Why" key to sustainability efforts"
-6/21 Business Times Energy Inc. Blog "Green Workplace Challange saves 19 million KWH of energy"
-6/13 PG "Smart Energy Use event to offer practical sustainability tips"
-6/13 Pop City "How green is your Business or Company? Sustainable Pittsburgh Tells All June 21st at Phipps"
-6/11 Tech Burgher "Smart Energy Use Workshop set for June 21"
-5/16 Pittsburgh City Paper Short List "Sat., -May 19--Outdoors"
-5/16 Pittsburgh City Paper-- Big List “Great Outdoors Week”
-5/10 Trib “Great Outdoors Week opens Friday
-5/10 PG “Great Outdoors Week invites us to get out and enjoy the local resources
-5/4 Trib “Kayak Pittsburgh, Venture Outdoors reconnect recreation buffs to outside amenities
- 4/26 New York Times Green Blog “A Daunting Emissions Quest for U.S. Cities
-4/21 Trib “Rapid bus service intended to shorten commutes, boost development”
- 4/19 PG Roundabout Blog “A better way from Downtown to Oakland
- 4/18 Pop City “Bus rapid transit plans advancing, public review sessions next week
- 4/12 Trib “Region may have found cure for decades-long 'brain drain'”
-3/12 PG “Workshop provides residents with tools to fight blight

Heard on the Radio

- 12/13 90.5 WESA "PA Transportation Secretary: Comprehensive Plan Forthcoming, Includes all Modes of Transportation"
- 12/13 KQV - Coverage of 12th annual SWPA Smart Growth Conference
- 6/21 KQV – Live Line interview
- 6/18 Essential Public Radio "The Green Workplace Challange and Sustainable Business"
- 5/9 Essential Public Radio “Great Outdoors Week” interview
-5/3 Essential Public Radio “Business Leaders Call for PAT Funding Solution” interview.
- 5/02 WRCT-FM I Wonder “BRT” interview.
-3/6 88.3 WRCT “Public Transit: Past, present, and future…”, a co-production between I Wonder… and History for the Future
- 1/12 KQV “Bus Rapid Transit”

Watched on TV

- 12/8 WPXI "IMPACT" - 12th annual SWPA Smart Growth Conference
- 5/12 WPXI “Talking Pittsburgh” Great Outdoors Week
-5/7 KDKA “Pittsburgh Today Live” Great Outdoors Week
-3/20 KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live “Walls are Bad – upcoming Spring activities”
-1/31 KDKA “Pittsburgh Today Live” – Walls are Bad
-1/13 KDKA “Pittsburgh Today Live” - MLK Jr. Day plus other outdoor activities

Featured Online

12/12 Pop City "Smart Growth Conference to focus on transportation, green infrastructure, redevelopment financing"
12/6 ImaginePgh blog "VIDEO: Dec. 13 Smart Growth Conference Explores Needs for Sustainable Water & Transportation Infrastructure"
11/9 Eaton online newsroom: “Eaton Takes Top Honors in Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge”
11/6 Ductmate online newsroom: “Energy Star Certification & Green Workplace Challenge”
10/31 evolve:ea blog “Green Workplace Challenge Winners Prominently Featured in Media
10/30 Pittsburgh2030 District “Building Challenge Nets Utility Savings
10/24  Techburgher “Green Workplace Challenge Winners Announced”
10/24 Global Links website “Bringing Sustainable Practices to the Workplace
10/23 PCI blog “Allegheny County Competition Saves $119,177 in Reduced Utility Bills
10/23 Allegheny County newsroom “Fitzgerald Announces Winner of Allegheny County Green Building Competition”
10/19 Architect Magazine “Morning Roundup: October 19, 2012”
10/19 ACC Smart Brief (American Chemistry Council) “Bayer gains recognition from Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge”
10/11 Breathe Project website “Green Workplace Challenge Awards Ceremony: Everyone’s A Winner
9/7 Pgh Business Times “Tips on high-performance building strategies”
6/13 Pop City “How green is your business or company? Sustainable Pittsburgh tells all June 21st at
6/20 Bayer Online Newsroom “Bayer to participate in Sustainable Pittsburgh’s “Smart Energy Use for a Healthier Business Climate and Clean Air” workshop”

- 3/30 – Bill’s Blog/Peduto for Pittsburgh “New Tools in the Blight Fight: Workshops in Southwestern PA
-2/20 – Highmark Environment Page “Highmark participates in the Green Workplace Challenge
-1/18 Pop City “CMU awarded $3.5 million grant to develop technologies for transportation safety and efficiency
-1/16 City Paper online “After slow start, can bus rapid transit get rolling?
-1/11 Pop City “Get There PGH advancing bus rapid transit, to hold public information meeting Thursday


- 12/1 PG Letter to the Editor “Transit riders, the time is now to formulate a backup plan”
- 12/5 Trib “Port Authority bosses, union chiefs clamor for extra funding from state”
- 12/9 PG "Smart Growth conference to focus on sustainability”
- 12/14 Trib Former HUD chief Cisneros advises city to think young

- 7/3 PG  “Monaca in Beaver County becomes a model of sustainability”
- 6/20 PG “Bolivia has granted our planet legal rights, but how to enforce them?”
- 6/20 PG “Money concerns stall mayor's transit plan”
- 6/16 PG “Rapid Transit seen between Downtown and Oakland”
- 6/13 PG  “Regional Planners apply sustainability to transportation”
- 5/29 PG Business Calendar “Sustainability and Healthcare: Making the Business Case”
- 5/27 PG “Health secretary to speak at sustainability conference”
- Summer Issue Pittsburgh Quarterly
- May/June APA Magazine “Now Boarding, the 5:15 Express”
- 5/19 PG “Great Outdoors Week gives chance to get out and do something ... for free”
- 5/18 The Almanac “Allegheny Together welcomes Carnegie, Dormont “
- 5/13- Pgh Tribune-Review- “Great Outdoors Week Opens Today”
- 5/8- PG “Make The Most Out of Great Outdoors Week”
- 5/8 PG “Great Outdoors Week” Listings
- 4/22 PG “Amid World Environment and Earth days, a bevy of events”
- 4/18 University of Dayton News - “Working for a Sustainable Dayton”
March 2011 North Side Chronicle “Get moving in the city: Great Outdoors Week”
1/13 - Trib "Companies thriving in water"
1/13 - PG "Wave of business opportuneties awaits Pittsburgh water-related industries"


- 01/12/12 KQV “Bus Rapid Transit”
- 12/13 KQV “Smart Growth Conference”
- 12/5 KDKA – AM - Transportation funding crisis
- 6/10 KQV 1410 AM “Input Sought on Transportation”
- 5/19 WDUQ 90.5 FM "Biking, Climbing Paddling Highlight Outdoors Celebration"
- 4/27 Allegheny Front 25th Anniversary Interviewed: Court Gould


- 01/13/12 KDKA “Pittsburgh Today Live” - MLK Jr. Day plus other outdoor activities
- 01/31/12 KDKA “Pittsburgh Today Live” – Walls are Bad
- 5/12 WPXI “Talking Pittsburgh” Great Outdoors Week Guest: Ginette Walker Vinski
- 5/9 KDKA “Pittsburgh Today Live” Great Outdoors Week Guest: Ginette Walker Vinski
- 1/17 - KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live "Walls are Bad"


- 1/18 Pop City “CMU awarded $3.5 million grant to develop technologies for transportation safety and efficiency”
- 1/16 City Paper online “After slow start, can bus rapid transit get rolling?”
- 01/11 Pop City “Get There PGH advancing bus rapid transit, to hold public information meeting Thursday”
- 12/7 Pop City “Smart Growth conference is smart business move”
- 12/1 Imagine Pittsburgh online “Economy League’s Brian Jensen: Why Smart Growth Is Smart Business”
- 12/1 eTEQ “11th Annual SWPA Smart Growth Conference set for December 13
- 11/14 Imagine Pittsburgh online “Smart Growth Conference Coming Dec. 13
- 6/6 Techburgher Regional Prosperity: How the Region’s Plan Can Impact the Region’s Bottom Line
- 6/10 PG Staff blogs "SPC talking smart growth for region"
- 5/16 Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership “Great Outdoors Week Ten day Weekend”
- 5/13 “Great Outdoors Week”

- 5/11 Pittsburgh Urban Media “10th Annual Great Outdoors Week.”
- 5/11 Pop City “Marathon is highlight of paddling, pedaling, rowing, running Great Outdoors Week”

- 5/11 Keystone Edge “Get Ready for Southwestern PA's 10 Day Weekend”
- 5/1- WYEP “Community Connections Page”
- 4/27- E.TEQ “10th Annual Great Outdoors Week”
- 4/27- DCNR “The Resource Newsletter”
- 3/31 PG "Row row row... you just never know"
- 3/28 Reuters “Measuring Happiness in Seattle - an Emerging Model”

- 1/19 - Pop City "Water, the next step. Growing a future Pittsburgh industry cluster"


12/30 - Trib "Cranberry to track its energy useage via computer"

12/19 - PG Letter to the Editor "A call to action"
12/8 - "Climate change is about economics, speaker says"
10/11 Pittsburgh Business Times “Business resources plentiful for reducing carbon footprint”

9/27 Trib “Pennsylvania bill targets blight, vacant buildings”
9/20 Trib “Sustainable Pittsburgh sponsors milestones competition”
9/17 PG “Competition to identify region's sustainable development"
8/24 PG “'Sustainable' label recognizes area businesses that go green”
8/23 Allegheny County Office of the Chief Executive – press release “Onorato Brings Sustainable Business Designation Program to Allegheny Together Communities
7/26 – Trib “Port Authority seeks to shorten travel times on crowded streets”
7/17 – PG “Pittsburgh Foundation sees new direction away from city-county consolidation”
7/12 – Pitt Chronicle “Pitt’s Hesselbein Global Academy Attracts Students, Business and Government Leaders Worldwide”
7/7 – PG “Concentrate on riverfront, Verona sustainability study suggests”
6/10 – Pittsburgh City Paper “Green-Talkers”
6/3 – PG “World Environment Day conference convenes in Pittsburgh”
6/3 – Pittsburgh City Paper “Dampening Debate”
5/21 – Pittsburgh Business Times “City living in U.S. on the rise after years of attrition, EPA says”
5/20 – PG “Students join in worldwide water discussion”
5/20 – Trib “Water conference links schools across globe”
5/16 – Trib “Great Outdoors Week brings out the adventure”
5/14 – Pgh Business Times “Partners Ron Sabatino, Jason Zadeh push $1B 'Cool Valley' project”
5/12 – City Paper Short List “Great Outdoors Week”
5/11 – PG “City to try to set canoe, kayak record”
4/29 – Pittsburgh Business Times “Dollar Bank first-ever presenting sponsor of Three Rivers Arts Festival”
4/27 – PG “Around Town: Drive to recycle fuels one question -- Was it worth it?”
4/14 – PG Op-Ed “Act now on climate change: Pennsylvania can lead the way to ensure America's energy and national security”
4/9 – Trib “Blight hurting Mid-Mon Valley economy”
April – Pittsburgh Magazine “The New Emerald City”
3/24 – PG 'Walk in the Woods' picked for next One Book project
3/16 – PG “Commentary: Sustainable thinking a proxy for good management"
3/16 – PG “A Green checklist”
3/16 – PG “Being green comes with a cost”
3/16 – PG “Cities have been embracing sustainability movement”
3/11 – PG “Organizers of World Environment Day unveil theme of the six-week event”
3/7 PG “The Next Page: Midsize cities, big ideas”
2/18 – Trib “CMU class aims to help transform needy communities”
1/14 - PG “Sustainability expert urges end to habits of consumption”

- 2010

WYEP – promos for Great Outdoors Week
12/6-7 - WDUQ Interviewed: Matt Mehalik "Energy Efficiency Workshop"
12/5 - WDUQ "Peter Calthorpe Broadcast"
4/25 – DUQ broadcast of REDS keynote & some Q&A
3/11 KQV-AM – World Environment Day
3/11 WDUQ – World Environment Day


11/9 – KDKA – Pittsburgh Today Live “Top 5 Trails and Fall Outdoor Activities”
8/15 – KDKA – Sunday Business Page “Downtown First”
6/21 – KDKA – Pittsburgh Today Live “Walls are Bad” Guest: Ginette Walker Vinski
5/31 – WQED – onQ, “What’s in the Water” Guest: Court Gould
5/31 Pittsburgh Today Live appearance on KDKA Guest: Ginette Walker Vinski 5/26 – PCNC – Impact, “World Environment Day” Guest: Ginette Walker Vinski
3/11 KDKA-TV – World Environment Day


12/3 PG - Walkabout Blog "A Second Chance to hear da man"
12/3 - Techburger "Champions for Sustainability Workshop Looks at Energy Efficiency"

11/15 Greentech Media “Networked Regions 2.0: Pittsburgh’s Sustainable Renaissance”

10/17 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette City Walkabout Blog “City, region, it's all the same"
10/9 Les “Shale gas: environmentalists want a new tax”
10/7 Gapers Block “A Steel Tree: Return to Pittsburgh
9/22 Pop City “Win an iPad! Just tip off Sustainable Pittsburgh about what's made us a winner”
9/1 One Book One Community Blog “Partner Update: Sustainable Pittsburgh 10th Annual Southwestern PA Smart Growth Conference: Regional Collaboration: Investing in Sustainable Communities”
September – Pittsburgh Regional Alliance PRA Post “October 15 – 10th annual southwestern Pennsylvania Smart Growth Conference”
8/25 Pop City “Sustainable Pittsburgh's Tipping Points Contest May Aid Next Decade of Pittsburgh Growth”
8/23 PG Being Green Blog “Igloo, trees and the past looking forward” (Tipping Points Competition)
7/20 - PilotGirl "Spoke Junkies at the OTB"
Ongoing - Pittsburgh Business Times Business Event Calendar
5/19 – Pop City “World Environment Day kicks off with why Water Matters! Register now”
5/12 – Pop City “Are you reading this outside? Great Outdoors Week is here”
4/21 – Pop City “How green is Pittsburgh? Take the World Environment Day online survey!” “Inclusion in the Workforce” “Inclusion in the Workforce”
Government Innovators Network of the Roy and Lila Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University ran the 10/18 PG article on “Inclusion in the Workforce”



12/21 - PG "Millions of dollars lost in taxes, investment because of 'growing crisis' of blight"
12/15 -Trib "Report targets blighted property"
10/23 – Trib “Here's an idea: Check out one of these groups”
12/23 PG “Cranberry is going green”
10/22 – Reuters “Pennsylvania Business Leaders Release New Report on State Economic Impact of Climate Legislation” 
12/21 PG “Millions of dollars lost in taxes, investment because of 'growing crisis' of blight”
12/16 Trib “Report targets blighted property”
11/27 Pittsburgh Business Times, “G-20 begins to pay dividends for Pittsburgh companies”
10/19 – PG “Commentary: Mentoring programs can build diversity in management”
10/18 – PG “Sustainable Pittsburgh urges work force inclusion”
9/26 – Trib “Protesters weigh impact of their carbon footprints”
9/26 – Butler Eagle “Cranberry showcases its sustainability”
9/23 – Pop City Five Things That Could Dramatically Shape Pittsburgh's Future
9/22 – PG “Envisioning the possible future of climate change”
9/17 – PG “Cranberry tells all”
9/16 – Pop City “Diversity and inclusion is the key to a prosperous regional workforce, study says”
9/9 - PG, Study says inequality causes drag on economy
9/9 – PG “Study says inequality causes drag on economy”
Sept/Oct issue Edible Allegheny –– Walls are Bad/Sustainable Pittsburgh
September 2009 – ASCE News (Newsletter of the American Society of Civil Engineers Pittsburgh Section
7/7/09 - Students From Around the World Flock to Pitt For Leadership Training From Top Professionals
7/2/09 - Interns at The Heinz Endowments seek applicants for $175,000 in grants
6/1/7/09 - Engineers glean the latest in green tech at Sustainable Solutions Conference
5/22/09 - Could it be that we're shifting toward smart?
5/15/09 - Great Outdoors Week is an invitation to partake of our rivers and trails
5/15/09 - Festival will launch new Venture Outdoors programs
5/10/09 - Great Outdoors Week kicks off Thursday
Outdoors activities focus of 10-day celebration
4/30/09 - Sussing Sustainability
11/19/08 - Civic Organizations press Port Authority and Transit Union to Settle Contract/Avoid Shut Down
The Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce and Sustainable Pittsburgh joined Rep. Jake Wheatley, the African American Chamber of Commerce, the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development, and dozens of other community groups in issuing a Communitywide Statement on Transit Dispute.
View a list of organizations that have signed on to the Statement


12/15 KQV-AM – Live Line interview of John Kromer re: Blighted and Abandoned Properties
12/15 WDUQ-FM – Regional Equitable Development Summit
12/15 - DUQ - "Blighted and Abandoned Properties," Regional Equitable Development Summit
12/15/09 - KQV - "Blighted and Abandoned Properties" Live Line Interview
11/16/09 - Pittsburgh Business Radio: Former Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey looks at the influence that “going green” has had on Pittsburgh’s business climate. Jim talks with a number of local business leaders who are currently implementing green technology and resources into their operational strategy
9/23/09 – WYEP - Allegheny Front “Experts Weigh in on Sustainability of Pittsburgh”
9/10/09 – DUQ – “Sustainable Pittsburgh Releases ReportInterviewed:  Lee Hipps
8/19/09 DUQ – Greening the G-20
5/22/09 DUQ - story about the 9th Annual Southwestern Pennsylvania Smart Growth Conference
5/21/09 DUQ – “9th Annual Southwestern Pennsylvania Smart Growth Conference Held”
5/15-16/09 DUQ – “Great Outdoors Week”
5/14/09 KDKA 1020 – “Great Outdoors Week"
4/17/09 DUQ - "One Step at a Time: Student Sustainability Symposium"


11/5/09 WPXI “Our Region’s Business” Interviewed: Lee Hipps (SP Board Chair)
10/15/09 WPXI – 6pm Evening news. Interviewed: Matt Mehalik
10/5/09 KDKA – Pittsburgh Today Live “Children and Nature” Walls are Bad segment
9/11/09 KDKA-TV Pittsburgh Today Live " Laurel Highlands" Walls are Bad segment
8/19/09 KDKA-TV Group Pushes for ‘Green’ Elements to G-20
8/14/09 KDKA-TV Pittsburgh Today Live "Bike Fest" Walls are Bad segment
7/10/09 KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live - Walls are Bad - "Water Trails" Walls are Bad segment
5/21/09 PCNC Night Talk, guest appearance “Green Tech/Jobs”
5/8/09 KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live “Great Outdoors Week” Walls are Bad segment


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